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I have had this domain name for a while but am just starting now to use it.   My goal is to have a site that aggregates blooks (a word I notice Mac’s spellcheck doesn’t recognize altogether!), a blook being simply a combination of a frequently updated and time-sequenced blog and a relatively stable book organized by topic rather than by when it was written. A long time ago in internet time, I thought I’d coined the word “blook” only to find that there was a Wikipedia page for it and even a blook prize for the best blooks according to someone’s criteria. So if you’re a blook writer yourself please let me know and I will put a link here to your site. Meanwhile this site’s current purpose is just to point to my own blook:  Reflections In a Crack Glass.

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  1. If you’re looking for more boloks, check the Index to Blooks on my site, Blooking Central. There’s over 100 already and every day I add at least one more! The authors have used forums and chat rooms, all kinds of blogs as well as websites to display or capture their works in progress. Where possible I list the agent or publisher who contacted them. I’ve even got a list of software that will automagically convert YOUR blog into a blook.You’re right about the stories of the authors being fascinating in themselves. One of the best in Jeremy Blachman’s (Anonymous Lawyer).

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